Is It Enough to Remember

Is It Enough to Remember

I have to be honest. I. Hate. Laundry.
I hate it. I mean, I like having it. I just don’t like washing it, drying it, folding it, and putting it away. Especially putting it away. It is easily my most dreaded chore.

I am really good at getting the laundry in the washing machine. Like, really good. I can just walk through my house quickly and have a whole load of laundry in my arms to throw in the machine.

And I have a really nice machine, so it’s easy to just press a couple buttons and load it with soap and go.

Yesterday I did laundry. I was so proud of myself for getting a couple loads through. I even folded them and put them away. So, I was really on the ball.

And then as I laid in bed I remembered that last load.

That load that I threw in the washing machine just as I was headed out the door.

That load that will smell really awful in the morning if it’s not switched over.

That load that will need to be rewashed if it’s left in there.

That load that has my pants that I really wanted to wear tomorrow.

And as I laid in bed thinking of it, remembering how I said I was going to switch it before bed, I made a choice.

I chose to do nothing.

I rolled over and went to sleep. I remembered that I needed to do it but I didn’t do it. Can you can relate to that decision? Have you made that same choice at one point in your life?

It did me no good to remember it because I did nothing about it.

Numbers 16:40 says, “That ye may remember, and do all my commandments, and be holy unto your God.”



Be holy.

Is it enough to know and remember the commandments of the Lord?


The Lord wants us to first remember them, which is important but not the complete command. How can I remember them?

  1. Read God’s Word often
  2. Memorize Scripture
  3. Be in church, hearing preaching
  4. Be among Christians

But just remembering isn’t enough. We need to do what the Lord has taught us. Do what He has laid on your heart.

What command comes to your mind right now that you are not doing? I am sure the Lord has already brought something to mind. Knowing that you should (or shouldn’t be) doing it isn’t enough. We have to go further and obey the commandment.

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

And what does God see when we remember and do his commandments? Holiness.

“…and be holy unto your God.”

If I had switched my laundry when I remembered it they would have been clean in the morning. Ready to use. But I didn’t.

If I had obeyed when I remembered God’s commandment I would be holy (clean) and ready to be used by God.

Are you clean, ready to be used by God?


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