Rules For a Great Date Night

Rules For a Great Date Night

Date night is a new series I am pretty excited about. Date night (1) This is not because I am an expert on date nights. In fact, I am pretty bad at them. I am excited about this series because it will cause me to be purposeful in dating my husband again. I am using this series sort of as accountability to keep my date nights going. As we try out new ideas (maybe my pinterest board will help with that) I will be sharing here what we loved and what didn’t. It’s going to be fun. 

So to kick off the Date Night series I think it’s important that we learn some date night rules. I know, I know- I am already spoiling the fun. But stick with me. You will see.

Rule #1: No rescheduling

If you made plans with your friends but then something else came along would you cancel? Probably not. So don’t cancel date night. You made plans with your spouse, now keep it. Even if it is just a movie in your living room don’t cancel. Don’t reschedule.

Rule #2: Keep both of your interests in mind

Shane and I have pretty different ideas when it comes to date night. Now, there are a couple things we can for sure agree on but not everything. When making date night plans try to find something you both love. Take turns planning or plan together. Talk about it. Figure out what you can do that both of you will enjoy.

Rule #3: Don’t go over budget

Date night DOES NOT need to break the bank. We actually don’t have any room in the budget for date night right now. What does that mean? Waiting until the kids go to sleep and dating in our living room. This cuts the cost of a baby sitter. We buy some things ahead of time to cook so we aren’t spending money on eating out. We get creative and enjoy our time together without spending very much money.


Okay, I think these are pretty reasonable rules. Are you still with me? Good! Now time to get to planning some great date nights! What are some of your favorite date nights? What are some date night rules you stick to? Share with us!

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