January Goals

January Goals

Oops. I am a little late with this post! What are some of your goals for the next month? Here are mine!Already this year has been HECTIC! We have completed our first full week of homeschooling for the new year. It went far better than expected. Still, among the busy atmosphere of our home, I have had in mind my goals and what kind of goals I would set for the new month- the new year.

If you would like to, check out my December Goals. That might make the rest of what you’re about to read make more sense.

January Goals


  • Bible study. Last month I aimed for more in depth Bible study. While I did do two studies I still found myself not having devotions every day. So I feel this month I need to go back to the basics. My goal is to have devotions everyday and I am sure that will lead to more in depth Bible studies. I will be using tools and tips I have shared before in the Digging Deeper series.
  • My marriage. There was a time in my life when my marriage was what got most of my energy. But now balancing raising the kids, homeschooling, daily chores, etc. I find my marriage getting the leftovers. I mentioned in Rules for Date Nights that I want to purposely date my husband again. I can’t do that unless my heart is all in it and giving it more than just the scraps. 10 Ways to Love Your Husband might be a good place to start.


  • Laundry was on my list last month. I did better in December but I am still not caught up with it. Maybe in a couple years I’ll catch up? I better add it to my list again this month and keep striving to do better in that area.
  • Be guest ready. I don’t mean that I expect my home to always be spotless. If you have ever met my 2 year old, Pepper, you know that my home will never be spotless again. Well, maybe when she moves out. But what I do want is to have my home in a condition where guests can show up unexpectedly or spontaneously and I will not be embarrassed by what they see. Clean-ish. I know picking things up each night will help with that a lot.


  • I’ve really been struggling with an exercise routine these past weeks. I have been doing my popsicle stick workout here and there, which I love, but need to get on a better schedule. So working out more regularly would be a good goal for this month.
  • Getting up earlier. I want to get up before the kids. It seems the earlier I get up the earlier the kids get up. This makes it hard to get up before the kids. But still, I will try!
  • Meal planning needs to go back on the list this month, too.


So what are your goals for this coming month? Pray about what the Lord would have you work on. Share them with us! Maybe we need to work on those areas, too.

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3 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. I always enjoy reading the goals others have set for themselves! In January, I’m hoping to follow through on my new plan for focusing on prayer and Scripture meditation during my quiet time each morning. I also have a daily blogging schedule that I hope to keep in place this month.

    Hope you meet all your goals for January!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love reading others’ goals, too. I find it very motivating. You have some great goals set, too.

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