Basics of a Balanced Diet + Free Printable Food Chart

Basics of a Balanced Diet + Free Printable Food Chart

These past few weeks William and I have been learning about how to take care of our bodies. We have gone over proper dental hygiene and how to stop the spreading of germs. This week we spend a lot of time on the importance of a balanced diet. 

This is a topic I am passionate about. While I am not always faithful to a balanced diet I know how important it is to our bodies. Please, please don’t misunderstand a balanced diet with a diet. A balanced diet just means that you are getting the proper amount of each food group into your body every day. It DOES NOT mean you are going on a diet.

I won’t go too deep into this subject as I am certainly no expert. However, I will share the key things I focus on in my regular diet and the things I am focusing on with this unit with William in his schoolwork.

There are 5 basic food groups:

  1. Grains- whole grain breads, pastas, rice, crackers, etc.
  2. Meat- along with the obvious meats, this includes eggs, nut butters, nuts, and seeds.
  3. Dairy- cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.
  4. Veggies
  5. Fruits

How many servings you need of each food group varies depending on your age and gender. This is a great resource for that information.


Serving size matters. 

You might look at the amount of servings you are supposed to eat in a day and think no way! It is a lot of food if you aren’t being careful about the serving size of each food group. So pay attention to the label. Look and see how much is in one serving of those crackers you are eating or that apple or banana even. You will be surprised how much you are over eating if you haven’t paid attention to that before!


Keeping track of your food is the best way to make sure you are eating properly. 

My mom tried to get me into using MyFitnessPal for so long. But every time I tried it I felt like I was dieting and I didn’t like that. But this time I started doing it with the goal of not dieting and tracking calories (although it does do that) but rather to see where I am at with a balanced diet.

When I go at it with that approach I really love the app. And recently I discovered a cool website that allows you to connect any of your fitness/diet apps and make money just for using them! Achievement rewards you with points for every time you use your apps and when you reach 10,000 points you get $10. This may not sounds like much but if you already use the apps you might as well get paid for it!

I created this simple chart (My Food Diary)for William to use to learn how to eat a balanced diet. It’s bright and colorful and fun. Feel free to use it for yourself or maybe to teach your kids the importance of a balanced diet!

What can you share with us about eating a balanced diet? Is it something you think about or pay attention to? What might be some important things I have overlooked to know about eating a balanced diet? Like I said, I am no expert and would love any additional information you might have!

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