April Goals

April Goals

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The winters in the North canApril Goals, Inuvik NWT, Spring, list, to do list be very hard. The days are short. It is dark more than it is light. It’s cold. Very cold.

Then comes spring. 

Longer days. The sun sets after 10 PM. It rises before me every morning.

Warmer days. We can go for more walks and play in the snow that’s been falling for the past 6 months.

We hear kids laughing and playing and skidoos flying up and down the street long into the night.

Spring is here. I love it.

Not to mention, Easter is right around the corner! I am still Janie and Jack Sale on Nowtrying to decide if I will buy or make my girls’ Easter dresses. If you are looking to buy for your kids I suggest checking out Janie and Jack’s super cute collection. They have a sale going on for today only so go check it out!

This past month I really did focus on accomplishing my goals. I think I did pretty well, too.

I wanted to spend more time with the kids and be more purposeful with my time with them. I did this by including them in things that I needed to do. So it was less of “I have to do this first” and more of “do you want to help me?” This has made me way less stressed and I am loving my time with them.

I have continued working out 5-6 days a week and I am feeling great.

And after much consideration here are some goals for the coming month:


This month I will continue to spend my time wisely with the kids. Enjoying them. Including them.

But my main focus will be on more listening and less talking. Karen Ehman’s book, “Listen, Love, Repeat” revealed this need to me. Well, let’s be honest- I know I am a talker. If you have ever spent any time with me you know I can talk. But when you start talking so much you give yourself a headache you know it’s time to stop talking and start listening.


You guys. The coolest thing happened yesterday.

I caught up on all the laundry. Okay, pick your jaws up off the floor. I know- I didn’t think it was possible, either. But 5 hours later I am caught up on laundry. Happy Dance.

I am going to be following Fly Lady’s routines this month- mainly shine your sink, swish and swipe, and 1 load of laundry a day. As Fly Lady says, “A load a day keeps Mount Washmore away.” And maybe- just maybe- I can stay caught up on the laundry.


I am loving my workout routine. Loving it. And Shane signed me up for Fabletics VIP so I am getting a new (amazing) workout outfit every month. Cute workout clothes make working out even more fun. So, anyway, I will continue loving my workouts and as the days get warmer I will spend some snowy mornings out jogging.

I follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to my diet. I try to eat clean 80% of the time and splurge 20% of the time. This month I want to gather some new ideas for some clean snacks and meals. If you have some favorites, pass them along! And I’ll be sure to pass mine along to you, too!

So there are the goals for this month! I try not to make a lot of goals or else I become overwhelmed. You can check out my January, February, and March goals. What are some goals of your own? Share with me!

4 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. My kids are grown now, but I still get behind on the laundry sometimes! Great goals!

    I’m your neighbor from the ‘Coffee for your Heart’ link-up. : )

  2. I always LOVE reading other people’s goals. It’s not like I know you or anything, but it’s still fun to read your goals. Interestingly enough, I also have trouble with too much talking and not enough listening. I’ll try and take that to heart and practice it with my children. Have a blessed day!

    1. I agree, it’s fun to read other people’s goals! Sounds like we have a little in common 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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