Digging Deep in the Word {Hymn Studies}

Digging Deep in the Word {Hymn Studies}

One year ago we started this Digging Deep GraphicDigging Deep in the Word series. I’ve loved this series more than any other series I’ve done. I love looking back and seeing the variety of ways I have spent my time in the Word. I like change so I rarely stick to one Bible study method for too long.

So one year. What direction have I gone in one year? What direction have you gone in one year? Do you feel like this time last year you were further from God or closer to Him? Has your Bible study time improved or fallen apart a little? No need to answer all these questions to me but answer them in your heart- to God. Where have you gone in one year?

With that thought in the back of your mind let’s move forward this coming year and strive to grow and become even closer to the Lord. And how can we do that? Personal devotions. Quiet time with the Lord. An open heart to His leading. Obedient feet. Faithfulness to church.

Speaking of church, I think my favorite part of the service is the song service. Don’t get me wrong- we have some great preaching in our church. But I love those old hymns. And when you listen to the words you are singing (crazy idea, eh?) you can be really blessed!

So this past week Irescue the perishing, hymn study, bible study started taking apart these hymns and seeing the truth in them. Please don’t think I am saying this is a replacement for reading your Bible! That’s not what I am trying to say.

I encourage you to choose your favorite hymn and write it out line by line. Highlight your favorite lines. Find Scriptures that go along with that hymn and write them out. You can easily find hymn histories online and make your study even more interesting.

I have really enjoyed doing this. Have you ever tried it? What are some thoughts on studying out hymns?

Last week I did “Rescue the Perishing” and still can’t get over the line, “chords that were broken will vibrate once more.”

This really speaks to me. I find it so beautiful and remarkable that God would take us in our brokenness and still want to use us. I know I have found myself broken many times this past year but God still wants to use me. Amazing.

Another line I loved was, “Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter, feelings lie buried that grace can restore.”

I think of a Christian who once stood firm in his beliefs but has now pushed them aside. Some one who no longer holds to the biblical standard they once held to. The tempter- the devil- crushed those feelings but God, through grace, can restore them. He can bring someone back to Himself. He can help them see where they went wrong and how to come back to Him. Think of that person in your life whom you’d love to see come back to church and serve the Lord again. Grace can restore.

What is your favorite hymn? Why is it your favorite? What truth do you find in it? Share with us!

chords that were broken will vibrate once more, rescue the perishing, hymn, study, bible study

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