Easy Easter Craft

Easy Easter Craft

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Something amazing Easy Easter Craft for Kidshappened today.

I drank my coffee before it got cold.

And to impress you even more-  I ate breakfast before lunchtime.

I am on a roll this morning. Seriously.

I have three kids of my own and there are (almost) always at least a couple more kids here. Today we have six kids here.

6 voices to hear. 6 stomachs to fill. 6 pairs of footsteps running down the hall. This could be overwhelming- sometimes it is. Having a schedule and keeping them busy is key.

Typically when the house is full of kids like today I am running around like a crazy person trying to keep everything in order.

Wipe this nose. Clean up that spill. Catch that one as they jump off the bed. Typical morning stuff.

But today I pulled out the big guns with the world’s coolest craft (when it keeps the kids’ attention spans for over a half hour it is the world’s coolest craft).

And it was EASY, too. So beat that. Actually, you can’t.

What do you need?

  • white paper
  • white crayon
  • water colors
  • paint brushes
  • water

While I ate my breakfast I grabbed some white copy paper and a white crayon and drew on a bunch of pieces of paper. Because it is Easter time I did mostly Easter and spring pictures. But each kid got a page that had their name written on it with some cool pictures surrounding it. But because it is white, it is invisible (for the most part).

I didn’t let them watch me color so they can be surprised as they painted over my white crayon and revealed their “secret message”.

Easy Easter Craft using resist art

This type of craft is called resist art. The white crayon resists the water colors leaving it white and revealing whatever message or picture was drawn with the white crayon. Clever, eh?

After the kids did all of my pre-made ones they made a bunch for each other to do. This went on for a while and all the kids liked it.

The 2 year old liked it. All the 4 year olds liked it. The 5 year old liked it and the 6 year old liked it. Actually, this 27 year old liked it. So I am thinking this craft is perfect for any age- especially if you have a wide range of kids.

So try this easy Easter craft! Let me know what you think of it! Here are some supplies to get you going!


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  1. How fun! I remember doing a craft for easter where you draw a picture, then divide it all over with lines. You color it to look like stained glass and hang it in the window.
    Love your new profile picture!

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