Honey Themed Mother’s Day Gifts

Honey Themed Mother’s Day Gifts

My 6 year old melted me yesterday.Honey Themed Melted me “like a popsicle on the fourth of July.”

I guess his Sunday School teacher told him that next week is Mother’s Day. All afternoon he kept telling me how he was so excited for Mother’s Day. He kept counting down the days on the calendar to make sure he knew how many more days until Mother’s Day. 

He told me how he is going to make the best card for me. He is going to help me with everything that day. He has big plans. He cannot wait to make me feel special next Sunday. See- now I bet you are melted, too. He melts me.

He is only 6 but he knows maybe more than anyone everything I do for him and his sisters. He sees the dishes pile up everyday and notices me washing them. He knows who to come to when he needs some clean socks. I am the one he asks to bake him some cookies. He sees me get up and make them breakfast every morning.

He sees what I do and in response he cannot wait to do something for me.

I love that attitude.

To see someone has done something for me and in return want to do something for them.

Our mothers do so much for us. I know we need to show them appreciation every day (I know I love to feel appreciated more than just one day a year) but it’s important to remember mothers on Mother’s Day and make sure they know how much we appreciate them! Melt your mom the way William melts me.

I always love home made gifts. I don’t always do them but when I can, I do. This year I made delicious honey themed gifts. They did not take long at all to whip up and I already had all of the ingredients at home.

I made them all this afternoon and tried them out myself. I am IN LOVE with these products. I think I will be making them on a regular basis for myself. Maybe you’d like to try them to!

 Brown sugar facial scrub



Honey hand scrub


Honeycomb candyIMG_1828.JPG

I had a few mason jars on hand so I used them to gift the scrubs. I made up these simple labels to go on your jars. Feel free to use them if you’d like! Tie some yarn around the top and you are good to go!

What specials plans do you have for your mom this weekend? Do you like to make your gifts as well? What kind of gifts do you make? Maybe you have another great honey themed gift to add to my list. Share it with us!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. What a precious boy you have, Sandy. 🙂 Those homemade gifts looks professional. Good job! Hope your mother’s day was beautiful. ((hug))

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