Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?


Well, not literally everywhere, but in a sense I have been everywhere the past 2 months.

I started August with a trip to Edmonton, Alberta with my husband (ever been?).

We got back and immediately started decluttering, yard saling, and packing. This summer I did at least 6 yard sales. I would be perfectly happy if I never did a yard sale again.

By mid August Shane packed up the van and a friend’s truck and headed down the Dempster Highway to our new home in Whitehorse, Yukon.


He applied to the school there and classes started the first week of September. I, on the other hand, was staying behind for a couple reasons.

First, I had to finish packing up the house and selling things. Shane took all the essentials but I still had so much to do. I spent the next 10 days selling the remainder of things, packing up the things that still needed to go and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! If it weren’t for the two friends that were there everyday helping I wouldn’t have gotten it all done in time!

Second, my kids’ American passports were expired and needed renewed. If you know anything about living abroad you know nothing like this is an easy process. Because my kids are under 16 I had to bring them to the US Embassy in Calgary.

21765760_10155589736812165_4210813431066124375_oThis would cost us at least $8,000 in travel. I emailed the embassy and told them I could not afford the trip and they informed me they were planning an outreach trip to Inuvik. What are the chances! Not likely! God definitely did that for me. Now I could get my kids’ passports renewed without spending all that money. The only thing is that I had to stay in Inuvik until they came which would be mid September.

So I moved out of my house and into my in laws’ house September 4. The next day we started homeschooling (along with all the paperwork for the kids’ passports…which is way more than just the application). Needless to say those first few weeks of September were just as busy as the last weeks of August.

Finally I had my appointment with the embassy and we were ready to start our own journey down the Dempster but the road was closed! Such is life in the North. You never know if the only road south will be open or closed. After waiting 4 days we decided it was better to just get some plane tickets. By this time we had been away from Shane for 1 month.


So I finally am in Whitehorse, excited to get back to blogging. I turn on my computer and- it’s broken. Well, not completely broken. But my mouse and my keyboard won’t work. This makes it impossible to be active on the blog, of course. So disappointing.

I tried for three weeks to try to fix it but nothing is working. Today I am able to use my husband’s computer but him being a full time student it won’t be something available to me often. So until I can get a new computer please bear with me! I have so many exciting stories to tell and places to show you! Stick around, come by every now and then. Join the newsletter as that’s where I will be sharing most of the stories and pictures of the Yukon as well as my free printables.

Okay, I think that is all the update I will give for now. Let me know what you have been up to in the comments below!



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