Meal Plan Monday [Update]

Meal Plan Monday [Update]

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Good morning! I hope you all had Dear Ms. Morrison,a great week last week! We finally got out and joined the Canada Games Centre which is a big sports complex. Swimming, ice skating, gym, indoor playground, indoor running track, etc. We are pretty excited to try it out for a month.

So how did you all do with your meal plans this past week? I am happy (and a little surprised) to say that I actually stuck to the plan! We did go out to eat on Friday instead of the beef stroganoff but that was according to the improvised plan. Shane finished a long day of classes and studying and wanted to go out so we did that instead. We went to a pizzeria down the street from us that had gluten free pizza. It was very exciting. And very tasty.

Anyway, back to the meal plan! I didn’t actually cook the meals on the days they were planned for. The main idea was just to have a list of suppers that I had all the ingredients to. What I did each morning was pick what I was going to have and then I pulled that meat out to thaw. Instead of rushing around at 4:00 I was completely prepared to begin cooking.

Last week I planned for tacos, beef stew, beef stroganoff, grilled cheese, baked chicken, stir fry, and garlic pork.

My favourite was tacos because it’s tacos. It’s always my favourite. But we were also really pleasantly surprised with the garlic pork. As soon as Shane walked into the door he said how great it smelled. And it tasted even better. Will is allergic to peas and I hate kale so we didn’t follow that part of the recipe. We just stuck to the garlic pork recipe and it was so good.

I completely guessed with the beef stew. I sold my crock pot before moving here so I couldn’t do it how I normally. I just threw carrots, potatoes, and beef strips into some water with salt and pepper. I kept it on low for a couple hours and added some corn starch and bouillon just before serving. I will follow up soon with an actual recipe because it was really good and worth sharing! Especially if you don’t have a crockpot you might enjoy this recipe.

Now I am ready to plan for this coming week!

Weekly Meal Plan

  • Monday- Beef stroganoff
  • Tuesday- Nachos
  • Wednesday- Spaghetti
  • Thursday- Homemade Chicken Fingers and Mac and Cheese
  • Friday- Sloppy Joes
  • Saturday- Leftovers
  • Sunday- Tortilla Soup

What’s on the plan for you this week? Meal Plan Bullet Journal-page-001And how did you do with your plans from last week? I will use my meal plan bullet journal page again this week. I like having it written down and saved for future reference. When I can’t think of a meal it’s nice to look back and see all the meals I have made in the past couple months. You can get these printables by just signing up for my newsletter below.

I also got this dry erase board to hang on my frig. I find it really helpful to have it right out in the open. Plus the marker board makes it easy to move around days if I decide to cook something on a different day.

What tools do you find especially helpful for meal planning? I think the most important thing for me is just writing it down. If it’s written down I am way more likely to follow it. I loved how you all shared with me some of your meal plans last week. Share with me again! Tell me what’s on the menu!


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