Where Do You Find Your Worth?

Where Do You Find Your Worth?

When I was pregnant with my where do you find your worth_youngest daughter I crocheted her a baby blanket. It was yellow, orange, and pink. I say was because it is now a much more faded version of those colors. It is a bit more stretched now, too. It’s been through the wash plenty of times in the past 3 years but still it’s true color has never returned.

This is because she carries that blanket everywhere. It has been in a dozen different planes, 2 countries, more care rides than I can count. She doesn’t go to bed without it. It is carried under her arm from bed every morning and put on the kitchen table next to her as she eats her breakfast. It’s been accidentally set in cereal, syrup, and all sorts of other foods. It’s dragged behind her no matter where she is going.

I think you get the idea. This is a very valuable possession to Pepper. She finds a lot of worth in that raggedy blanket. If you were to see it I don’t think you would find much worth in it. It’s valuable to Pepper because it is hers and she loves it. It doesn’t matter how faded it gets or how funny it starts to smell. It’s hers. She loves it.

It can be easy to forget our worth sometimes.

We might see ourselves as that faded old blanket.

That’s because we don’t see where are worth is.

Do you find your worth in accomplishments? Maybe you haven’t accomplished as much lately as you have in the past and now don’t see much worth in yourself. Maybe you look around and when you see others accomplishing more you feel inadequate. You don’t see worth in yourself because you don’t think your accomplishments make you worth anything.

Do you find worth in beauty? As a mom I have way less time to “do myself up” than I did in college. Showers are usually rushed so the kids don’t destroy the house, clothes shopping hasn’t happened in years because I can’t with the kids. My mornings are spent following behind the kids and cleaning up their messes. Often it’s 4:00 before I have time to take care of myself. Then I sit down for a second and flip through facebook and in 3 seconds I can have myself feeling so worthless. That woman is dressed nicer than me. That woman is more fit than me. That woman knows how to do her hair and make up so well. Comparing myself to either other women or even my past self can cause me to look at myself and see no worth. I would be more valuable if I looked like that…

Do you find worth in your place in life? Is it the ring for your finger that you think will make you more valuable? Is your role as a wife what you find most value in? Do you feel like as long as you are a good, godly wife you are living out your full worth? Do you think that because you have children it makes you  more valuable? Are you waiting to be able to buy your own home to find worth in yourself? What if all these things were stripped away? Where would your worth be then?

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And speaking of worth…who are striving to be worthy for?

Is it for ourselves? After all, every where I look I am told to follow my heart, make myself happy, do what feels right, and live for myself alone.

Is it for our husbands? What if your husband doesn’t constantly affirm that worth you hope he sees in you? That worth that you work so hard to achieve? You will find yourself worthless.

It’s for the One who sees our true worth. Remember how Pepper saw worth in a raggedy old blanket that no one else sees worth in? Christ sees your worth when no one else does. When you don’t feel accomplished enough, when you don’t feel your beauty meets the world’s standards, when you don’t have in your life what you think you should have in your life- Christ still sees your worth.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139:14 KJV

Your worth is not in how man sees you. It’s not even in how you see yourself. It’s how God sees you. And He sees you as being fearfully and wonderfully made. He made you, He loves you and your worth is in how He sees you.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

Where do you find your worth? Who do you want to appear worthy to? What do you allow to make you feel worthless at times? Is that how God sees you?

I hope today you see your worth how God sees it.

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8 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Your Worth?

    1. That’s an application I hadn’t even thought of! Thanks! And also I would have never thought to save a piece of the security blanket. That’s a great idea!

  1. Amen, Sandy. It’s so easy to forget that the standard by which we’re measured is simply His generous love and affection for us. Interesting how — in the One who is worthy, is where we find our worth. 🙂

  2. You had me at the “…I crocheted her a yellow blanket…” – I figured anything you said after that would be great because I have NO idea HOW to crochet!! ….I kept reading and sure enough– words of wisdom throughout.

    With the washing machine of life- we often appear raggedy and worn- and we do forget where our real worth comes from . We try to add detergents & all sorts of things to convince ourselves of our real worth….when, as you said, the only place or person we should be looking to for our value- is God Himself!!

    As long as I know how HE sees me- what does anything else matter!!

    1. Haha maybe I should put up some crochet tutorials! I love crocheting! I LOVE your analogy with the detergents to convince us of our worth. You added some real words of wisdom to this post for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

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