Board Games My Kids Love

Board Games My Kids Love

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My Dad does a lot of hunting. When I was a kid he spent a lot of time hunting on my grandmother’s property. More often than not, my siblings and I would tag along to visit with my grandmother while he hunted. We loved visiting her because as soon as we’d get there she would sit down in her chair and let us choose which game to play.

We spent many many hours there playing games. Even as an adult when I visit her we still like to pull out those old games we played and play together. I always love playing board games and card games.

I remember when I moved to Canada, away from my siblings, I really missed all those game nights. My husband really isn’t into many board games.  I couldn’t wait until my kids were old enough to play those games with me.

In the past year they’ve gotten old enough to play a couple of my old favourite games. They’re getting pretty good, too. It’s always a good laugh when the 5 year old beats everyone. Well, everyone’s laughing except my overly competitive 7 year old. He can’t stand when his sister beats him.

Anyway, so I thought I’d share with you some of the board games and card games that my kids love playing. These are all games that young kids can play (although disclaimer- the box might not suggest for such a young age). My kids are 5 and 7 and they play all these games with me.

Another side note, they play these games with me- not alone.

Great family time.

Skip Bo . This their favourite. They play it most often and I love it because it’s also pretty educational. My 5 year old knows every way possible to add up to 5 because you need to start each round with 5 cards in her hand. And if you’ve been around here much you know I like throwing education in with fun as much as I can.

Chinese Checkers. This one you need patience for as little fingers bump the marbles often. But my kids love it. You need strategy to win this game so it’s fun to watch them try to think ahead.

Uno. This one is probably best for younger ages. Identifying colors and numbers….hhmmm…do I spot educational fun again? Yes. Definitely.

Cowboy Checkers. This has been a family favourite for a couple years. We made our own board and use dimes and pennies as pieces. It slips neatly into a large ziploc bag and we bring it on every road trip. It’s a great game to bring anytime you need the kids to be distracted for a bit. And one game goes pretty quickly- about 5 minutes- so it’s even fun with a bigger group of kids. I’ve watched kids all circle around the board waiting their turn to play winner. You can find our tutorial here or if you’d rather, grab one on Amazon. This one doubles as a regular checkers board.

Perfection. So much noise, but so much fun. Even the 3 year old gets in on this one. Matching shapes as fast as you can may sound so simple but when the timer starts going even an adult can get rattled! When the kids play they usually don’t use the timer. Then when they’ve finished matching the shapes they hit start and watch in anticipation for them to pop up!

Guess Who. It’s fun listening to the type of questions the kids ask each other as they try to figure out what character they have. I noticed as my 5 year old asks questions she always describes her own card. So if you just follow her lead she will lead you right to her card.

I know there are a lot more out there that would be really fun with my kids. What are some of your suggestions? What games do you like playing with your kids? Share with us in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Board Games My Kids Love

  1. Isn’t it fun when your kids start getting old enough to play games as a family? We played so many when my kids were growing up. Uno was always a favorite for us, too. And, Clue, and scattergories, and, and, and. 🙂 Such memories. Love that you have those memories with your family growing up and are passing them onto your kids. 🙂 Hope you and your family are having a sweet Christmas season, Sandy. ((hug))

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love all those games you listed! I can’t wait til my kids are old enough for Clue and Scattergories!

  2. we love board games! there will be a couple new ones under the tree at our house this year on Christmas morning. We have such good memories over the years opening and playing new favorite games all day in our pj’s.
    Cowboy checkers is a new one for me – I’ll have to check out your post on that. We’ve been enjoying big kid games like Pandemic, but A Ticket to Ride and Killer Bunnies have been popular around here recently.

    1. My husband played Ticket to Ride one time with friends and said it was really fun. How old do you think the kids need to be to play that one?

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