Free Birthdays Bullet Journal Page

Free Birthdays Bullet Journal Page

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So as I was workingbirthday bullet journal image on bullet journal pages I wondered why I never made a birthday chart for my bullet journal. That seems like a pretty standard page for a planner or binder or bullet journal…pretty much anyone who keeps tracks of things keeps tracks of birthdays.

Anyway, I went ahead and created a simple birthdays chart using my new favourite font I got from (Side note: I’ll be making a post in the next couple weeks teaching you how to use downloaded fonts and where to find the best ones! Let me know if that is something you’re interested in.)


Back to the topic at hand…

So as I save my new birthday page I see that I already have one! What? I must have made it and forgotten all about it. Fortunately, it looks completely different from the one I created today so now I get to share not just one but two new birthday charts for your bullet journal!


If you already are on my email list you may have noticed the original chart on my printables page. Apparently I put it there without ever telling anyone about it!

I like to make my charts simple because I think it’s fun to color and sketch on them as I write in them. I think I say that every time I post a new bullet journal page. If you like my pages but would want more pizzazz let me know! I can add some color and flare to my pages for you.


mail for sticker lovers.

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