Why Do We Go Back to the Mess?

Why Do We Go Back to the Mess?

This morning is Valentine’s Day. given this August 20, 2020It’s been a sweet day so far (pun intended). My husband works night shift a couple nights a week so he came home at about 7:30 in the morning with flowers, chocolate, and a card for me and chocolates for the kids.

For the 3 year old, Pepper, he brought home a white chocolate Aero bar (a Canadian favourite). Normally I would never let the kids eat candy for breakfast, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and that kid is so cute it’s hard to say no 🙂

So as I was making oatmeal in the kitchen Pepper was munching away on that chocolate bar. She came into the kitchen with chocolate melted all over her face and fingers and a half eaten chocolate bar (also very melty) in her hand. For a kid who hates messes so much, she can really make a mess!

She asked for something to put her chocolate on then ran into the bathroom to get all cleaned up. She came back a few minutes later looking very nice and clean. But what does she do? She picks up that chocolate bar again to keep eating! She got herself messy all over again!

To me it seemed so silly. Why would you get all cleaned up just to get messy again? Especially when she’s already seen what that chocolate bar can do…it’s obviously just going to make a mess again. But that didn’t stop her at all. It didn’t even cause her to hesitate as she grabbed it. The mess was worth it to her.

As an adult we can see the lack of logic happening there. A toddler just sees it differently.

This got me thinking about our sin…our pet sins, our secret sins.

There is pleasure in that sin for a moment. We enjoy how it “tastes”. We enjoy that moment of satisfaction. But if we take a minute and look at ourselves we see the mess.

And sin makes such a mess every time. 

As we notice the mess we have two options: ignore it or go clean up (ask God for forgiveness and turn away from that sin).

Ignoring it will only, of course, make the mess harder to clean later. Best not to ignore it.

So we clean up. We feel better. We wonder why we stayed messy so long.

But then what if we clean up and then we just come back and pick up our sin again? What will happen? We are just going to get messy again.

It sounds ridiculous. We should know better. But still we go back to it and make that mess like a toddler would.

Are you a toddler in Christ or do you know better? 

Do you go back to the mess right after cleaning up?

What changes do you need to make in your life today?

Don’t keep returning to sin. As a Christian we have been freed from our sin. We are no longer bound to it. We have the choice to forsake our sin.

For sin shall not have dominion over you


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8 thoughts on “Why Do We Go Back to the Mess?

  1. Yes, we do go back to the mess time after time. Sin does feel good in the moment so it so enticing to return if we don’t do something about it when it happens. Great words of wisdom. Thank you for linking up on Grace & Truth. I am a brand new host and so glad I got a chance to read your post.

  2. It’s the “sin that so easily besets” – in our humanity we get drawn back time and again almost like we can’t help ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to keep our focus on Jesus, only he can prevent us from going back to the mess each time.

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