Free About Me Bullet Journal Page

Free About Me Bullet Journal Page

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I remember as a kid about mewriting my name as an acronym. I remember trying to think of fun ways to describe myself using only the 5 letters in my name. I loved doing that kind of stuff. I like the type of things where I reflect on my own attributes and think about features that are special about me. It’s still fun to me. 

So I made this fun About Me page for my bullet journal (aka my binder). I think it will be a fun page to have in the beginning of my notes section.

The fun thing about this page is, though, that I am not limited to the 5 letters in my name. “Me from A to Z” let’s me write a different attribute about myself for each letter of the alphabet!


I used a different font for each letter of the alphabet to represent how different each attribute is. Also, it was a fun chance to use a bunch of the fonts I’ve downloaded in the past month!

(Learn how to download your own fonts here!)

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I am going to print out a couple of these for my kids, too. Jenn is just learning her alphabet and how to read so she will have fun identifying the letters and thinking of words that begin with that letter. William is in 2nd grade so he’s already pretty good at reading and this will be a fun project for him to think and reflect on his own personality. I suggest printing one out for each of your kids, too!

Let me know if you use the printable!


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about me bullet journal page

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