What’s a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day? A day in the life

What’s a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day? A day in the life

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I have startedcWhat does a stay at home mom do all day_ (1) this post soooo many times in the past two months. I start out strong and by afternoon my day goes crazy and I think why would anyone be interested in reading about my day?

But then I started reading posts by mom bloggers about their days and I was fascinated and loved reading it. It made me realized every one’s day is different and it’s just interesting reading about how one mom goes about her day. 

Another thing that has stopped me is that my days sometimes just go bad. One thing or another happens and what starts out as an awesome day just turns into a bad day. I don’t want to share that. I want to share how amazing my day is and how productive I am and how fun my kids are! But is that reality every day? Nope! I have some really bad days!

It wasn’t until I read another mom’s facebook post about her day turning bad that I realized I am so not alone in these bad days. I was encouraged by seeing that other mom share her day even if it was a bad one.

So here is a Day in the Life of a stay at home, homeschooling, blogging mom!

6:30 AM Alarm is going off and I quickly hit snooze…at least 3 times 🙂 By 7 I am up and headed to the gym. It’s just a 5 minute walk to the college gym since we live right on campus. I have found early morning is the best time to go. It’s usually empty and I love that!


Mid pregnancy I switched from using the treadmill to using the elliptical. I still get a great workout but it’s really low impact so it’s easier on my baby belly! I also got a maternity belt which has made a huge difference at the gym. Even if you don’t do a lot of working out I would suggest grabbing a maternity belt just for going for walks or going shopping, etc. Anytime you’re going to be on your feet for a while it can make a big difference. It just takes a lot of weight off of my back.

Anyway, after my 20 minute workout I walk home. Can’t beat those Yukon mountains!


How about a close up?


7:45 AM Kids are starting to wake by the time I get home. Shane’s up and getting ready for classes. They get dressed for the day, make their beds, and I get them all breakfast. Then they do some chores before we get started into schoolwork.

IMG_3038 (1)

Don’t be fooled, though. This is not an every day occurrence for us to get to chores before schoolwork. I have started working on my spring cleaning list so the kids and I have been doing a couple things each day off of it. And theirchore charts are almost full so they are excited to get chores done and stickers up on the charts right away.

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9:30 AM Schoolwork begins! This is such a tricky time of day for me. I am still learning how to balance it. William sits at his desk in the dining room while I sit at the table with Jenn. I am teaching her kindergarten while he works on his paces on his own.


The tricky part is he is soooo easily distracted. He over hears me talking to Jenn and wants to turn around and see what she’s doing or answer a question for her. Then he hears Pepper in the other room and wants to go check on her. It’s an every day battle, really, so if you have any tips in that area please share them with me!!!

It’s finally getting warmer out so Pepper spent some time out on the balcony playing while the other two were doing their schoolwork. This also isn’t a normal occurrence. She’s usually right beside Jenn the whole time (not so patiently) waiting for her playmate to come play.


Can you see the writing on the door? These are Crayola window markers and they are SO MUCH FUN. Even I have so much fun playing with them. Jenn and I had the whole door covered in TicTacToe games the other day. And they’re really easy to clean off as long as you have some windex on hand. I highly suggest the window markers!

Once Jenn is done her work I try to get as much blog work done as I can. This is usually not when I am writing posts but when I am promoting, sharing, replying to comments, etc. Ever since I got the Ebook “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale on Pinterest” I spend a lot of time pinning and repinning on Pinterest and I am seeing a lot of results from it!


11:00 AM We took a little break from schoolwork and started some laundry. Living in this apartment we share a washer and dryer with everyone on our floor. We went to the laundry room and I put my 2 loonies (dollars) in but the machine wasn’t working! It ate my money and I was so upset. It seems like everytime I do laundry this machine just doesn’t work. Thankfully the maintenance guy was close by and heard me banging on the machine (oops lol). He came in and got it fixed for me and even gave an extra loonie to Pepper. The kids thought this was awesome and went downstairs to the vending machine to get some candy…which turned their tongues blue 🙂


Noon Lunch time. We all take a little break here. Usually Shane comes home for a short lunch break between classes unless he has things he needs to do. Leftovers are usually our lunches.

1:00 PM Another tricky time of my day. Pepper needs a nap and I am at that point in pregnancy now where I need it even more than her. However, William has such a hard time focusing and finishing up schoolwork when I nap. I set Jenn up with something quiet: her dolls, a couple books, etc. and give William the pep talk about getting done at least one subject while I nap. Then Pep and I read a book and sleep for a little while.

2:30 PM I’m up from my nap and soo groggy. I eat a snack before Pepper wakes up. Once she is up she is my little shadow for the rest of the day. The morning is spent mostly on her older siblings but she makes up for it with the afternoon and evening.

William finishes up his schoolwork with me sitting by his side during this time, too, before Pepper wakes up.

 Unlimited Photo Storage

4:00 PM The college holds a kids club for all the kids in the building every Tuesday. The kids love this time. Especially with them being homeschooled it is the highlight of their week. So the kids took off to that and Shane and I went out with Pepper to run a few errands. Ok, I will be honest. The errand was that I was craving a chocolate milkshake so badly I could barely stand it. So we went to McDonalds and got that. Shane got his supper there and we came home to eat. I checked the laundry and the dryer isn’t working now!

5:30 PM By this time the kids were home from kids club. I went out with the girls to go find a drying rack to dry the clothes on. We had a good time and just slowly browsed around. I wasn’t ready to be in for the night so we took our time.


7:00 PM Since Shane had already eaten supper I decided to just grab the kids some food from McDonalds. I so wanted to leave this part out of my daily log. I usually pride myself in giving my kids such healthy meals. But it’s nice to not cook supper some days and the kids think it’s such a treat. So I unashamedly admit I went through the McDonalds drive thru and got my kids supper from there.


8:00 PM By the time we got home and the kids ate their supper it was time to get the kids ready for bed. Our bedtime routine is simple. Shane and I brush the kids’ teeth, they get into jams, etc. When they are all tucked into bed Shane reads them either a chapter from the Bible or a page from a devotional.

(Find the devotionals I love here)

Shane leaves and turns off the light while I sing them a bedtime song. They take turns each night choosing the song. The Moon Song is by far their favourite.

8:30 PM Kids are in bed and I clean up the kitchen. Since I didn’t cook supper there’s not a ton to clean. But I do make sure to do this every night. No matter how tired I am I always clean my kitchen before bed. It is a lifesaver the next morning. I also get things ready for breakfast. Like, we use powdered milk for cereal (serious money saver!) so I make sure there is enough for the morning and if there isn’t I will make it then. We also use powdered lemonade mix so I make some of that if it is low. It feels so good to go to bed knowing the kitchen is clean and everything is ready for the morning.

9:30 PM Back to the blog. There really isn’t a lot of time in the day to work on it so I make use of all the time I can. This is the time where I can write posts and make all the graphics I have been meaning to make. Sometimes I work on the printables that have been floating around in my brain at this time, too.

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Bedtime My bedtime differs from night to night but lately we have been in bed before 11.

There it is! A day in the life of a stay at home mom! I want to know what your day looks like whether you stay at home or not! Like I mentioned earlier, I find it so interesting to hear how other women use their time. If you have a post about it feel free to leave the link in the comments below. Otherwise, just tell us in the comments! Any questions about my day or the things I have mentioned that I use? Please let me know in the comments below!!


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  1. I loved this post! And I have to say I started crying when you said you sing the kids the moon song. 😍😢. And just to give you a heads up cause I don’t see you on Insta anymore- Jackson finally came! We are both well but it was 3 days of labor. Only by the Lord’s strength. I’ll try to email you soon.

    1. I was hoping you’d see that about the moon song! I was thinking of you as I wrote about it. It is their favourite 🙂 And I am soooo excited that Jackson can hear it now!! I thought surely by now he would have come. I can’t wait to hear your story!! Thanks for the update!

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