Free Spring Cleaning (Bullet Journal) Checklist

Free Spring Cleaning (Bullet Journal) Checklist

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This morning whenspringcleaningblog I was making breakfast I looked out the window admiring the sunshine. We have had nothing but cloudy days for the past week so this is a welcome change. However, the sunshine revealed something. Something unpleasant.

Sun shining through my windows revealed streaks and smudges all over. Then I started noticing the little specks of dust floating across the room. The dried food was revealed on the table. I could see little splashes of spilled drinks on the legs of the kitchen table and chairs.

Sunshine is so nice but it reveals all the filth, too!

It’s time for that spring cleaning list! I want to share mine with you.

I have found I am much more productive with a pretty list. It may not fit your home perfectly but it’s a good starting place for you, I’m sure. I listed each room and each thing I want to do in each room. I don’t do mine all in one day. If you are super human, though, you are welcome to try!

Spring Cleaning Bullet Journal-page-001 (1)

I have mine hanging up next to my calendar. Every day the kids and I will choose a couple things to get done. It’s become part of our daily routine. 

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While you are at it, you might be interested in my trick to cleaning your sink in one minute! It’s a lifesaver for a busy mom!

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I am usually behind the times so this is probably nothing new to you but Windex has a multi surface cleaner that I am in love with. There’s a few different types that I have tried: lemon, lavender, and vinegar. They are all amazing. I definitely would suggest them for some of your spring cleaning.

What are some tricks you have for cleaning? Do you do spring cleaning? When do you start? How do you do it? What supplies do you love for spring cleaning? Share with us in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Free Spring Cleaning (Bullet Journal) Checklist

  1. I am feeling quite inept. Could you please tell me how to download the printables? I cannot find a link or instructions to bring them up in full size.

    1. No worries! Just sign up for my newsletter. You will then be sent an email with a link to my whole library of printables. Find the printable you want on that list. Just by clicking the title of the printable you want and it should pop up in pdf format. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you!

  2. Hi Sandy! It’s so funny, I did the exact same as you this morning. I noticed the sunshine, opened my curtains ad realized they hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. The streaks and smudges were unreal! They are gone now, and I can see my beautiful garden again. By the way, an air purifier is great for getting rid of all that dust in the air.

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