What’s a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day? School’s Out!

What’s a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day? School’s Out!

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Ok, last MondaycWhat does a stay at home mom do all day_ (3) started out with full intentions of a very detailed Day in the Life. I woke up and started snapping pictures throughout the first hour of morning. I was thinking I am going to do a fun Day in the Life post for you all! Then life happened.

Wow Monday was stressful. I joined a 2 week fitness challenge group that I was soooo excited to get going on. The only thing is I had to make a Beach Body account to get started. This literally took me all day. It was not easy for me (but apparently is very easy for others…let’s just blame is on mommy brain). After the first hour of attempting to set this up Rock was already awake again and I had missed my window to workout anyway. Definitely was time to set that aside.

The rest of Monday slowly got better. And when I say slowly I mean slooowwwlllyy. It was a rough day. Thankfully it ended with a phone call from my awesome sister and the whole day ended really well. And side note, I did get to finally do the workout and it was soo much fun! I really recommend the Core de Force workout from Beach Body!


Tuesday. Tuesday I got up and first thing got my workout done. Rocky has about a half hour in the morning before he starts getting fussy for cuddles. This is the time I used to workout.

I should have mentioned that Monday my son officially finished up the school year! Yesss! We worked really hard to finish up before the end of May and he did a great job finishing up the last few paces in just a few days! So we celebrated by going to the park! Whitehorse has so many great parks and with us heading to Inuvik in a week we don’t have much time to enjoy them all! We had a great day at the park on Tuesday. I am so glad I got the stroller that I did. It’s super comfy for Rock and the big tires make it easy to push around the park, especially the sandy parts. He basically slept the whole time while we played.


We got back from the park and I got right to packing while the kids played. Like I said, we are moving in just a week and half and that leaves little time for rest for me! Rock doesn’t sleep a ton in the morning but in the afternoon he usually sleeps like a champ so that’s when I do most of the cleaning and packing.

Wednesday. Shane had to work 7-3 on Wednesday. Usually he is home throughout the day which is sooo nice. But with school being over he is picking up more hours at work and I am on my own with the kids much more often. I tried working out first thing like the other days but the internet wouldn’t work. Beach body workouts require internet to watch and follow so that meant pushing the workout until later when the internet picked up again.

Rock was also fairly fussy on Wednesday morning so everything felt forced and like it just needed to slow down. So that’s what I did. You just have to sometimes. As much as everything needs to get done, as much as I need my workout, Rock needs me more. So I spent a lot of time cuddling that day.

With school out now William finds himself pretty bored during the day. His friends are all still in school so he doesn’t have anyone to play with other than his sisters. So I put him to work with me. The kids’ bunk bed needed taken apart and the whole room needed cleaned- floors, walls, windows, etc. I am doing one room at a time preparing for our move out date.

He was a great help taking apart the bunk bed and the girls helped clean the walls. Of course multiple breaks were taken to feed and cuddle the baby so this was an all day task. We got it done, the kids room looked amazing and I started working on supper. By this time Shane was home from work and let’s be honest- I was cranky.

As soon as I finished cooking supper I took my phone and went into a common area in the apartment where the internet is stronger and did my workout. I left the kids with Shane while they all ate supper. I know, I could have waited. But for me working out is not about losing weight (although it’s there to lose!) it’s about being healthy both physically and mentally. And when I am cranky all I need is a half hour workout and I am a new person!

I came back from my workout, we ate supper then went on our daily walk around the college campus. We go as a family out for about an hour walk every night. The kids in our building have been catching on, though, cause lately we have at least 3-4 extra kids with us 🙂


Thursday. Okay, I am surviving the week so far! Thursday was a fun day. I got my workout and shower in first thing in the morning which is like unheard of! Shane had off of work so we took the kids to our new favourite park. I like this park as much as the kids. I play on the equipment, too! I asked Shane why he wasn’t joining me. He said because he wasn’t a kid. Haha. I guess I am still a kid at heart.


We spent the afternoon there and came home to get a little more cleaning and packing done. After supper I took the kids on our regular evening walk. Shane had a lot of work to do (he’s taking online courses) so I took the kids on my own. I started out the walk with just 3 kids and ended with 8 kids. When they see me they all seem to just gather…

Rock had a good day, too, cause we got some smiles out of him after the walk. He doesn’t give them out liberally so I get excited every time I see one!


Friday. Shane’s birthday! This day didn’t start at 7, not at 6. This day started at 4:30 am when Rock decided to wake up for over an hour. Then right when he was asleep the kids came in at 6:20 ready for the day, waking us up all over again for over an hour. By 8:30 Shane was up and getting ready for the college graduation his friends were in. I laid in bed with a finally sleeping Rock until 9:30 then quickly got dressed and was out the door with the baby to catch up to Shane and the other kids. The ceremony was right here on campus so we just had to walk over.

Since Jenn and Shane both have birthdays this month we let Jenn decide where we went for lunch and Shane picked supper. Normally we wouldn’t eat out twice in a day but since we are moving soon and won’t be eating out again until September we decided to do it this way. Jenn picked Subway for lunch so we went there to grab some sandwiches (they offer gluten free buns now!!!) and took them to the park to eat. We let the kids play around for an hour or so then ran some errands.

Got home and I was beat! I slept on the couch with Rock while the kids played and Shane did some work at the college. The kids are signed up for baseball this year so I took them out to the grass and taught them how to throw and catch a little bit. I loved softball as a kid (still do!) so I am really excited for them to play this summer.


After that we ventured out to Boston Pizza- our favourite place to eat supper. They have so many yummy gluten free options. We had a great supper and they even sang to Shane for his birthday.

That was our first week out of school! I’d say my favourite parts were spending mornings and afternoons at the park instead of inside doing work!

The biggest accomplishments this week were sticking to my new workout plan, getting the kids room completely cleaned, and learning to manage time based around when Rock is sleeping. It’s hard sometimes to give the other kids attention and time when so much is spent on the baby and preparing for the move. But this week was pretty good for that!

What were your favourite parts of last week? What were your biggest accomplishments? share with me in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “What’s a Stay at Home Mom Do All Day? School’s Out!

  1. It has been sooo long since I last read your blog. :/ It’s so hard to find time to sit and read. Most of my reading is done through listening nowadays. Peter’s birth was a year ago, but I am still adjusting and finding a balance. It’s crazy how just adding one more to the mix can change your life forever; wouldn’t change it for the world, but that’s how it goes. I loved walking with you through your week, Sandy. Thanks for sharing. We SAHM’s find plenty to keep us busy for sure. Lol. And if we can’t find something to do, our kids will surely think of something. Ha ha.

    1. Lol yeah I don’t remember what it’s like to be bored anymore. Glad you had a few minutes to catch up with the blog 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your week with all of us. Blessings to you and your family!

    Proud to be your neighbor at Coffee for Your Heart Linkup.

  3. I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom so when summer is here, we all take a break from school! And no worries here about bored kids anymore. Since my kids are older now, they are all busy. Two have jobs, one is on an internship for the summer and one is on a mission trip! ha

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