DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

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For months DIYand weeks and days leading up to Rock’s birth I spent so much time on Pinterest looking at all the newborn photo ideas. I read a lot of articles, too, trying to get as many tips as I could.

So I want to take a minute and share some tips that I found really helpful, some that I wish I would have listened to and some that I wish I would have known before I started my own photo shoot with Little Rock.



Boppy Pillow

I wasn’t planning on buying a boppy pillow this time around (I didn’t use it much last time) so I didn’t want to buy one just for this photo shoot. However, one day, about a week before Rock was born my sister and I were walking through Walmart with the kids. Pep knocked down a stuffed animal and as I went to fix it a big moose fell off the shelf. My sister and I at the same time yelled, “A moose!” I think we had everyone in the toy section staring but we were so excited about this giant moose! I had to get it, of course. Then when I brought it home I realized I needed to justify this purchase. Well, as much as anyone needs to justify a giant moose stuffed animal.

I figured this moose will work perfectly to prop Rock up on for his photos. I could just throw a blanket over it and use it in place of the suggested boppy.

I half suggest this option.

It worked. But if you want the “just like Pinterest” photos spring for the boppy.



Act Fast

I found this was not something I could really plan ahead for. I read that getting the photos between 7-10 days old was the best window. That was about the extent of how much I planned for this. And by that I mean that baby’s are UNPREDICTABLE. I can only imagine how much more difficult this would be if I were to bring baby to the a photographer and just hope he’s in a good mood when we get there.

If you notice baby is in a good mood act fast and get things set up. Side note- having all your stuff (blankets, boppy, giant moose, etc) ready for the photo shoot will make this easier.



A Second Set of Hands

I really think you need this. Now, based on the Act Fast tip up there there I am sure that not everyone can have that second set of hands. If I had Shane’s help I probably could have done even more. But I am thankful for my 7 year old who was there to help me prop up baby. There were times I needed him to put his hand behind Rock or tilt his leg over, etc. There are just so many reasons that a second set of hands can be helpful.



Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Did I mention how important lighting is?

Find a spot in your house that has great natural light. Find a few actually. And then pay attention to what time of day that lighting is great right in that spot. Then when baby is in a good mood (or sleeping!) go to the best spot for that time of day. You will be so glad you paid attention to this. It may be such a simple detail but it makes such a difference!



Blankets, Props, and Back Drops

For my newborn photo shoot I had pictured in my mind a light and airy looking photo. I love bright photos. I had two directions I could have gone: a white blanket or a white backdrop. My walls in my home were yellowish so I knew I didn’t want that to be the background to my photos.

I chose this backdrop. It is simple but adds a different texture to my photos. I like how it has white brick for the wall but lays on the floor for a wooden floor look. This may not be your style. But I really liked it.


I do wish I would have been able to get some sort of basket or crate to put baby in. I had been looking around for one but never really found exactly what I was picturing in my mind. So I just left it out.

I also used a black poncho I got in my FabFitFun box. I love the color of it and it just looks like a regular blanket when it’s wrapped up under Rock.


If you choose to use a blanket to put baby in instead of a backdrop be mindful of what you will see beyond baby. You can throw the blanket up over some pillows or even a laundry basket. Just to make it so the blanket is also behind baby. This will eliminate any background distractions.



What would  a photo shoot be without a camera? I LOVE my camera. It’s great for beginners and as I learn more about photography it becomes what I need it to be. I guess you could say my camera is a great one for an aspiring photographer to grow into. It’s also great for a mom who just wants some great shots of her kids! I wrote a whole post about my camera and if you’re looking for a great, affordable camera I suggest you take a look!


This whole pregnancy I had fun with practicing my photography and editing skills. I learned how to take great silhouette photos and my own maternity photos.

Have you done your own newborn photography shoots? What are some useful tips you can share with us? Did you follow a theme? Did you buy products specifically for the shoot or use things you already had around the house? Share with us! Drop a photo in the comments below if you’d like to show us!

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