Is God Saying Stop?

Is God Saying Stop?

We woke upis god saying to bright and early Tuesday morning. I made the kids a sandwich and some snacks and put them in the bag. I made a few pieces of toast, spread Nutella on the them, fed and changed the baby, and we were out the door at 9:30. Right on schedule.

It was a little cloudy but still a great day for a little morning walk. Of course, mosquitoes love this weather so we were swatting them away from our faces as we walked. We enjoyed chasing butterflies (and maybe a few moths?) and picking flowers all along the way.


By 9:50 we made it to the greenhouse. I registered my two older kids for the day camp, explained the long list of allergies, and turned around to start heading home with my 2 babies, Pep and Rock.

We took our time walking home. Anytime you walk with a 3 year old I think you take your time. After all, those little legs can only walk so fast.

I took a little short cut and crossed through the parking lot of the school. Pepper ran a little ahead so she could climb through the rocks up the little hill onto the road instead of walking out of the parking lot with me. As she was running up she couldn’t see what was at the top. It was steep enough that all she saw was what was right ahead of her.

I, being a little further away, could see a truck coming. I started to yell, “Watch out for the truck!” but she was still running up. So I just yelled, “STOP!” and instantly she stopped. The truck passed and I told her she could go ahead so she continued up to the top.

She couldn’t see the danger ahead from where she was standing.

She needed to be told to stop.

There was no time for explanations or discussions. She just needed to obey right away.

She stopped not because she saw what was about to happen but because I said, “Stop.”

How many times are we about to walk right into danger. We can’t see the danger ahead but God can. He tries to tell us to stop.

He gives us His Holy Spirit.

He gives us His Word.

He gives us preachers.

He gives us godly friends.

He provides ways for us to hear that, “STOP!”

We don’t see the danger ahead from our perspective. We could continue on because we don’t see any thing or we could obey right away.


Are we soft to God’s leading? Be honest with yourself: would you hear God’s “STOP!” if that’s what He were telling you today?

Are you willing to stop in your tracks even if you don’t see the immediate danger?

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9 KJV

I don’t know what God may be telling you to stop right now. Maybe nothing at all! But maybe it’s a secret sin, maybe it’s an open sin. Maybe it’s a plan He is not in, maybe it’s in thoughts that do not honor Him. Maybe a friendship needs cut off. Maybe you aren’t spending your time wisely.

Are you listening?

Is God yelling, “STOP!”?

Would you stop?


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8 thoughts on “Is God Saying Stop?

    1. Yes. I am guilty of ignoring the stops sometimes myself. But it’s good to remind each other of these things. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Love this. God knows what’s ahead. Sometimes Stop means slow down, I’ve got this. or Stop altogether, i’ve still got this. Great post!

    1. Yes that’s a good point to add! Stop doesn’t always mean stop for good. It could just mean slow down or wait. Thanks for your contribution!

  2. Oh Sandy, my heart was beating fast as I read about Pepper, thank you Jesus she stopped and heeded your voice. This is such a powerful example of how we too need to heed the voice of God in our lives. I love your post and completely agree with you. God has given us His Holy Spirit, His Word, pastors, others, etc. Sandy – would you consider joining my launch team for my new book coming soon? The application for the team can be found on my blog and closes this coming weekend. Thanks for linking up with me on Thursday’s at #TuneInThursday – we are also neighbors at #RaRaLinkup too 🙂

    1. I’d love to be a part of your launch team! Thanks so much for the invite! I will head on over and fill out the application!

    1. It’s amazing how many similarities we have to toddlers in that way. I guess it shows where we need to grow spiritually!

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