Change of Course

Change of Course

Hello friends! Things are slowly but surely changing around here! At first glance it may appear that things are going backwards but I assure you, they’re not!

I haven’t posted on my blog for a good couple of months for a reason. Where I used to put my time and effort into writing blog posts I am now putting that time into studying photography!

I am reading blogs, watching tutorials, asking photographer friends lots of questions, etc. I really love photography and see that is where I want to focus my time.

With that being said, this blog’s time has come to an end. I loved having it, I loved connecting with you all. I appreciate everyone who has spent time here. So many of you have encouraged me so much! Some of you are the reason why I decided to pursue photography!

After this month this blog will be shut down. I will still continue blogging but at

I’d love to have you follow along over there! However, that blog will only be about my photography. No hurt feelings over here if that’s just not for you. But if it is please join me! I am excited to show you some things I have been working on!

In August I started my Facebook page: Creating Kilter Photography. I also started an Instagram page (@creatingkilterphotography) if you’re interested in following me there. I have been booking photo sessions and having a blast with it!

For any of you that have been interested in the printables I have been making- download them now before this site gets shut down!

You can find them all here.

For anyone on my mailing list, I will keep going with that (although that, too, has been neglected lately). However, again, that will turn into mostly just photography stuff. If you are like yeah photography! but aren’t on my mailing list yet sign up below! If you are on my mailing list and are like eh photography then feel free to unsubscribe with the next email sent. Again, no hurt feelings over here! I know, it’s not for everyone!

Ok, I think I covered it all!!

Any questions about this transition feel free to comment below!



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